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I am Angelica Markland, the artist behind Artistic Icing ... most folks call me Angel. I answer to "Momma" to 4 boys - yes 4 boys, one 23 year old who just also gave me a new name "Buffy" with a new grandson named Greyson "Baby Grey" ... I have a 19 year old who is the quiet type but can turn into a little spitfire in 5 seconds flat... and lastly but not least - the 13 year old twins, who eerily are the mini me's of their older brothers. As anyone as these guys test me daily but the completely rule my world. I feel very blessed to have this awesome little business and be a stay at home mom. 

I am married to my best friend and soul mate, Frankie. He keeps me sane and helps me with everything from housework to jewelry making. I always say to my friends and family - "Every woman needs a Frankie" - He is one of a kind and you can often find him at my side during festivals and events. I can say that I would not be able to do what I do without his support. 

I have always had a artsy mind which landed me with a photography gig once upon a time - I loved photography (still do) I put everything I had into it - I dabbled in jewelry and picked it up as a "side" job - pretty soon the jewelry world took over my life and I dropped the photography gig and stuck with being a jewelry artist. I love everything about making jewelry. I can jump from one project to another and I rarely get bored with it.


People often ask me how I got started - well I think for the most part it all started in elementary school with friendship bracelets. I have came a long way from those days of tangled embriodery floss and friendship bracelets.  I find beauty it everyday items, from vintage keys, to flatware of days gone by, old sewing notions, to game pieces even old dictionaires have made their way into my supply closet.  I love to create things that make for good conversation - that remind us of the past, and create keepsakes that you will cherish. Many people will say things like "ooooh this reminds me of my grandmother" ... "I used to sing this to my children when they were little" ... I love the stories behind the purchases that folks make. 


I am a "picker" - I scour all of the junk tables at flea markets, I am in heaven in an antique store and I look for bargains on the side of the road in the summer months. I love my southern heritage, Appalachia, wandering and roaming from place to place and just enjoying life.


I create jewelry that I call Artistic Icing - icing is the finial touches on a cake, the icing is colorful, full of flavor, and defines the personality of the cake - so just consider yourself the "cake" and let my icing be what brings your outfit together, jewelry that defines who you are ... jewelry designed to reflect on the past, live simply in the present, and embrace the future.

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